To repeat development of automation and unmanned works until the last job needed is a programmer.
  • C4K Introduction ✓
  • Projects ✓
self-driving car project
virtual-influencer project
  • Create Japanese 3D model (Anime like) ✓
vr movie project
Oculus Go VR Chat Room for English Learning
54 un-official projects
  • for official project supporting
  • Group wear (for better work environment)
  • Free Software (for donated)
  • IoT (for better daily life environment)
  • AI・Cloud (for group wear, saving)
  • Public and Private Wiki for KIT
  • Trello original UI
  • Slack anonymous communication system
  • Free version Slack message backup system
  • Free version Slack file backup system
  • Auto updating system of Slack member list spreadsheet
  • Auto updating system of Slack channel list spreadsheet
  • Auto Slack channel guide bot
  • Translate Bot on Slack
  • Email to Trello transferring system
  • New web system monitoring and alert system
  • Remote WiFi status checker
  • Sending Slack notification together on LINE system
  • A2A drive's video to Google Drive copying system
  • Video browsing history Management system
  • KIT egosurfer Slack Bot
  • KIT member dorm register DB and API and SpreadSheet UI and Slack UI
  • C4K Official Page
  • door open-close event notification system on Slack
  • door IoT key
  • YouTube Streaming to Google Home system on Electron App
  • Slack message on Presentation system
  • Twitter KIT Auth
  • LINE KIT Auth
  • IoT dust box
  • Student ID Card and Slack account link system
  • 3D KIT Student Model Making (GIRL, JP)
  • 3D KIT Student Model Making (BOY, JP)
  • 3D KIT Student Model Making (GIRL, KH)
  • 3D KIT Student Model Making (BOY, KH)
  • 3D KIT Teacher Model Making (GIRL)
  • 3D KIT Teacher Model Making (BOY)
  • Slack Each channel member management bot
  • Slack Each channel member invite-kick bot
  • Slack times_channel auto createing system
  • Slack tw_channel auto createing system
  • KIT sharing-economy DB-API
  • KIT sharing-economy BOT-UI
  • PP-PostOffice to KIT management system
  • Refrigerator management system
  • mini self-driving car
  • PWA QR reader for Slack
  • Glitch Auto deploy system
  • Slack message summary system
  • Slack message vacuum system
  • LINE Auto Reply for DigitalMarketing
  • many slack emoji submiter
  • furniture 3D model modeling
  • Realtime comment to Slide system renewal
  • Library management DB-API
  • Library management DB-API Slack bot UI
  • Class room active rate logger
  • Slack image Categorize with IBM Watson
  • C4K Introduction ✓
  • Projects ✓

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